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mountain ranges. The map on page 4 tells you the names of some of the biggest ones. The highest mountain in western Europe is Mont Blanc, in the Alps, on the steam engines. They are very comfortable and they travel at speeds of up to. download Lonely Planet Western Europe travel guidebook direct from Lonely Planet. Digital PDF only Inside Lonely Planet's Western Europe Travel Guide. just a few of our 40 amazing Europe experiences. And once you've trips from Edinburgh or Glasgow, so you may have the castle to your- self by about 4pm.

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Western Europe Travel Guide Pdf

Download the Plan your trip eBook of Lonely Planet's Western Europe Western Europe - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter) What is a Multi Country Guide?. and a map of Europe, see inside. Order or euro — in 19 EU countries have made travelling much easier. .. PDF: ISBN . SOUTH WEST. Discover ideas about Europe Travel Guide. eBook Travel Guides and PDF Chapters from Lonely Planet: Western Europe - Switzerland (PDF Chapter) Lonely.

Share Post [Updated: February 27, However, over the past few years there has been a proliferation of online travel resources and it is easier than ever to find out about the best Europe has to offer. I think any good travel planning should include both printed travel books and online guides. There are hundreds of guidebooks and travel guide websites out there, but I am going to mainly focus on the ones geared towards budget and younger travelers. This is where the multi-award winning site Spotted By Locals steps in. The guides are currently available for 30 popular European cities, and unlike guidebooks, these are updated multiple times a year. Each guide costs 3.

This is one of my favorite sites to visit when first planning a trip. The reviews are written by a wide range of travelers, each with different expectations, so not everything you read is going to be from the point of view of a young budget traveler. You have to read into the reviews a bit, but I still think it is a great resource. WikiVoyage : The wikipedia of travel.

I like to go here to get a good overview of each city.

Western Europe travel guide

Traditional Guidebooks I still think a good guidebook is very valuable. It is important that you get one that fits your travel style. I recommend going to a bookstore to check out the travel guidebooks in person. Take a few that look interesting and flip through them for a few hours. I like to download my books on site because the prices are so much better than in the store. Lonely Planet : The most popular guidebook series — especially with young and budget orientated travelers.

The guides are only updated every two years so some information might be out of date although, this is fairly common among guidebooks. Be warned that any place that gets featured in a Lonely Planet book will likely be overrun with tourists—this makes some travelers shun the LP series. Lonely Planet allows you download guides in PDF format and you can pick which sections you want to download.

I think this is a really great idea—I usually just cut out the pages that are interesting anyways. It is written for independent travelers who want to get away from the touristy stuff.

In addition, he also has a few travel guide iPhone Apps. One great thing about Rick Steves is that their books are updated every year so you have a better chance of more accurate information. I think you should check them out.

Rough Guides : Another popular series that is popular with younger travelers. There have been many reports that the new versions of the books have less content and are less helpful than earlier editions.

It also contains a top 20 European destinations and other articles on history and travel. The second issue of the magazine will include Switzerland and tips from other countries, in which I have already lived.

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If you are one of these and would like to donate through a submission, please contact me. And of course, the content will be attributed to you Back Cover of the magazine My Vision As a travel photographer and writer, it has long been my dream to share my work with others. My first issue of Travel Guide is a small realization of that goal, but my project is about much more. I want to create an easily accessible resource to gain trip ideas with my website, and beautiful reference guides in my magazine.

Western Europe travel guide

I want to give voice to my own photographs and travel tips as well as those of other avid travelers and photographers, who are experts in the areas they are writing about. And finally, most importantly, I want to create a resource that everyone can use to help in planning their next big vacation, wherever it may be. Project Goals This project is about three things: 1 Subscribers to my magazine - The main purpose of my project is to get the word out about Travel Guide I want to be actively engaged with my subscribers and giving them the content they desire, and most importantly I want the magazine to last for more than one issue.

In fact, I would like to do a quarterly issue, but once again, this is a stretch goal and will depend on how much money is raised. If you are one of these, you can contribute in more ways than just by funding through money.

Backpacking Europe Travel Guide: Itineraries, Travel Tips, & More

Contact me if you would like to donate a photo story, tips, or area advice. A couple of the pages in the magazine. What makes my travel magazine different? As a professional travel photographer, my magazine stands on its own purely thanks to the long hours I have put into taking and curating the perfect photographs of these exquisite destinations, but my magazine is more than just a photo book.

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